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  Stop worrying about the small things that don’t have too much relevance and start to gear your focus more towards the foundation of your nutrition and training. As we know and as we can see from the pyramid above, calories come first! To reduce body fat we must expend more calories/energy than we consume/eat. […]

When it comes to pre-workout drinks, there is much debate as to whether they are worthwhile and whether they have a place. Pre-workouts are something that to be honest are not going to make or break your progress. They are something to consider once you have the basics nailed. Once you are consistently hitting your […]

Steps to success & how to Boss 2017. 1. SET A GOAL Plan your goal/s for 2017. Make it/them specific and quantifiable. You can have multiple goals in multiple areas of your life (work, fitness, finances etc.) but try not to have TOO many within a single domain as it may dilute your dedication and […]

Why women should lift!  In today’s blog I want to provide you with 5 reasons why all women should strength train! Lads – don’t leave just yet. You could learn a thing or two aswell and apply it to yourself! So I’ve heard it SO many times ‘ I don’t want to get big and […]

Is your workout not working? Most people just show up to the gym and try to mimic the next buff person doing curls or pull downs and expect to get similar or better results. They might pick up on bits and pieces of information from here and there, but without a proper understanding and an […]