11 Jan 2017

Steps to success & how to Boss 2017.


Plan your goal/s for 2017. Make it/them specific and quantifiable. You can have multiple goals in multiple areas of your life (work, fitness, finances etc.) but try not to have TOO many within a single domain as it may dilute your dedication and drive, especially if they are not entirely aligned. You want to balance making the goal realistic but also making it challenging enough.


Plan how you are going to achieve your goal. Give yourself short and medium term goals. Break this down again even further into what you need to do day to day (Start today!) As with setting your main goal, try to distil your daily task into a single item. Long, never ending lists can distract you and will often contain a lost of easy tasks which may make you feel better but may not move you forward. Identify these ‘time wasters’ and don’t consider them until after your main task of the day is complete.


This means you may need to re-jig your normal daily routine and make time to carry out your daily task(s). Prioritise and cut the crap out. There is never ‘no time’, it is always a case of prioritising. Plan ahead and treat your daily task as you would any other important appointment. If you ‘can’t find the time’ then your goal simply is not important enough and you may need to re-evaluate it.


Be positive on a day to day basis. Nothing will kill your drive more than negativity or a lack of self belief. Use your goal to motivate you. Use positive affirmations – these can build you up for when the going gets tough. It is essential to start your day with positivity. Life is about enjoying the journey. So if you’re not enjoying the day to day in achieving your goals then again you may need to re-evaluate.


Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, these are part of the learning process and inevitably part of achieving your goals. WIN OR LEARN. Not lose. It’s how you react to set backs that will define your success. The key is not to make the same mistake twice. Actively go over any mistakes you have made. Breakdown what effect they had on you, on your life. Break down how they have come about and how you can avoid them in the future. By doing this you ensure that they aren’t ‘mistakes’ – They just become a part of the process.


Keep a journal. Keep one for planning ahead / the technical aspects of your goal – whether that be macros, finances, food prep, session planning etc. But also keep one for thoughts, emotions, worries, reflections. This can help define your feeling and by writing down any concerns in black and white you can often quantify them and put them into perspective which can help with moving forward and overcoming them. Write in your journal daily, even if its something like what you have achieved today or what you are grateful for. Yes this does take a little time each day, but we’re talking minimal. However it’s definitely an invaluable part of the process.

Food for thought!