11 Oct 2017

Nutrition pyramid


Stop worrying about the small things that don’t have too much relevance and start to gear your focus more towards the foundation of your nutrition and training.

As we know and as we can see from the pyramid above, calories come first! To reduce body fat we must expend more calories/energy than we consume/eat.

Second comes the macronutrients (protein, fats & carbs), with protein being the most important. After this, fat and carbs can be manipulated and toyed with to suit the individual. Stop worrying whether you can consume carbohydrates at breakfast or before bed etc. It really is not relevant for 9 out of 10 people. Simply eat less than you expend.

Thirdly – Micronutrients. The majority of us will definitely benefit from increasing our fruit and vegetable intake.

Meal timing & frequency – For the general population this is of little importance. Whether you consume 3,4,5 or 6 meals per day really does not have effect in the grand scheme of things. Find an eating pattern to suit you and your schedule. This is down to preference with each individual.

Supplements – There is a handful of supplements that can benefit almost anybody. To name a few: multivitamin, vitamin D, fish oils, probiotics, zinc and magnesium. Don’t be worrying about what flavour BCAA’s you should buy or which pre workout is going to give you the biggest buzz. Save your money and focus on the basics.

Get the first two right and I can ensure you, you are on the right path for fat loss!