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This is your first step to the New you!

I’m Rumer Morley – A Personal Trainer from Rossendale Lancashire.

Personal training is all about helping you look, feel and perform better than you ever thought possible. My sole focus is to motivate,
inspire and encourage you along the way, reach and even surpass your goals – helping you hit your full potential.  As a trainer I will design an
individualised nutritional and training program that is tailored specifically to your fitness level, your goals and your schedule – it’s all about YOU!

I will monitor your progress and provide the motivation you need to ensure you’re on the right track to achieving your health goals – they want you
to succeed just as much as you do! You will see accelerated results and get this – you might even have fun doing it!

Being a passionate fitness professional, I know first-hand how determination and commitment can change people’s lives forever.

My client’s results speak louder than any words & I am extremely proud to be surrounded by happy and highly motivated clients.



The Nutritional Pyramid

  Stop worrying about the small things that don’t have too much relevance and start to gear your focus more towards the foundation of your nutrition and training. As we know and as we can see from the pyramid above, calories come first! To reduce body fat we must expend more calories/energy than we consume/eat. […]

PRE – Workout Supplements

When it comes to pre-workout drinks, there is much debate as to whether they are worthwhile and whether they have a place. Pre-workouts are something that to be honest are not going to make or break your progress. They are something to consider once you have the basics nailed. Once you are consistently hitting your […]


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