The 28-day challenge is a tried and tested online program designed to change your attitude to nutrition and help to incorporate your fitness goals into your life – and will get results. This is not some crazy fad diet; the approach used in the 28-day challenge is based on proven scientific fact. The nature of the programme means that it can be adapted for any lifestyle and doesn’t require attending additional personal training sessions or group classes unless you want to boost your success. The programme can be used by anyone regardless of shape, size, ability or fitness level. There is only one common factor – everyone achieves positive results on the 28-day challenge.

The programme gives you all the necessary information regarding nutrition for the 28 days, it’s prescriptive but not high maintenance – there is no weighing or calorie counting which makes it easy for the most demanding of schedules. The workout advice and plans can also be adapted for your own circumstances. You will have all the information at your disposal, together with first-class support.

The package is run personally by Rumer, who is on hand for advice and to answer and questions you may have. This means you have the benefit of a personal trainer and nutritional adviser at your side at every stage. In addition, you will become a member of an online group where you can share motivation, advice, recipe ideas and – most importantly – gain the support from people experiencing the same challenges. Many find that proactive participation and interaction on this forum makes the programme even more productive and helps to overcome the occasional lull in motivation. There’s power in numbers.

By enrolling on the challenge will receive:

  • A full introduction and nutrition guide: this guide will introduce you to the theory behind the challenge and provide you with your nutrition plan. It also gives some great advice in how to adopt positive habits.
  • Recipes and meal ideas: these include Rumer’s own recipes and a selection of the best recipes from former graduates of the programme. Who said clean eating had to be dull!
  • Weight and measurement tracker guide: measuring your success over the challenge will provide added motivation and prove how well you are doing. This guide shows you how.
  • Workout guide: this will give you a range of workouts to be incorporated into your life. There are resistance workouts, cardio workouts and HIIT workouts that are explained fully, as you would expect from an experienced and fully qualified personal trainer.
  • Foam rolling guide: foam rolling is an incredibly effective form of massage used to aid in the relief of tight spots, knots and trigger points in the body. The foam roller is your friend after challenging workout sessions!
  • Access to the online forum: where you will be able to get involved with your fellow 28-day challengers, some that have done the challenge previously and hop back on periodically to give their fitness journey some va-va-voom. These people are brilliant to learn from and their progress stories are truly inspiring.

The plan is simple to follow and only required your full commitment and dedication to ensure results you will be proud of. Click on ‘contact’ to reserve your place……..


This has by far been the biggest but most rewarding challenge of my three years in the gym, we all have that perfect body image of how we want our body's to look, doing this 28 day challenge brought me closer than I imagined it could, I went from eating the wrong foods at the wrong time to the right foods and correct training methods to reach my goal, (10% body fat) I've honestly never felt as good being able to look in the mirror and actually feeling good about my self, I can't thank Rumer enough for helping me through this and the team that I worked with on a daily basis! massive confidence booster!!
Ryan Simpson
Having recently completed Rumer Morley ' s 28 day challenge I feel the fittest and best shape I have been in for almost 3 years. Unfortunately I was unable to attend any of Rumer's personal pt classes however she has still managed to be a great inspiration to me over messenger / social media. Her knowledge of nutrition and body fittness is extremely impressive and this combined with her continued guidance throughout has enabled me to get my body back to the shape it should be within a measly 28 days.... can't recommend enough!!
Andy Raglan
I lost 16lb and lost 8.5 inches off my upper body dimensions during the 28 day challenge. Although I didn t attend the regular group training sessions due to distance from gym I stepped up my training and found the daily group posts on The forum very useful and tried many of the recipes and even posted a few off my own. I would recommend this plan to anyone wishing to take a new direction in fitness. I found the plan difficult at times but the results speak for themselves
Jon Clough
After several months of personal training with Rumer and completing a round of the 28 day challenge I'm in the best shape I have ever been in. I have learnt so much and following Rumer's advice on changing my diet and being put through my paces in the gym, I have dropped 20 pounds, lowered my body fat and built muscle. The 28 day challenge amazed me at how quickly it worked and the results I achieved! The continual support and motivation made it so easy to stick to and it is by far the best nutrition plan I have ever been on. She is a master of her craft and has so much knowledge to offer! Every gym session is focused, well planned and fun! I would recommend Rumer & the challenge to anyone that wants to make a permanent change to their lifestyle and wants someone who puts 100% into every gym session.
Chloe Sharpe
I have been training with Rumer for 8 months now and i have lost 1.5 stone in weight and not to mention the inches i've dropped! My overall strength and fitness has improved hugely in such a short space of time. My sessions are always varied and tailored to my personal goals. Her advice with regards to training and nutrition is excellent. I have purchased her recipe ebook which has some great healthy ideas. With Rumer's constant motivation and support, i am achieving my goals. I could not recommend her enough
Lauren Bracewell
I started training with Rumer in February 2014 through lifestyle fitness and it’s safe to say I’ve never looked back. She instantly makes you feel comfortable but yet pushes you to try new things and improve week in week out. It’s safe to say I’ve not been the easiest of clients with operations and a medical condition to contend with but Rumer has been supportive and encouraging through-out. Rumer provides detox plans and helps with diets, suggesting new and exciting recipes which again has not been the easiest for her as I’m an awkward vegetarian but again she’s done all this with no hassle. For me the results have been a 1.5 stone loss, with inches gone too which is ace and I’m well happy with that (Rumer’s favourite sayings) next goal 2 stone and who knows from there!
Kerry Woodall
Rumer is a brillant PT who works with you as an individual and makes your goals her goals. She pushes you to places you never thought you were capable of reaching, a true professional and a pleasure to work wit
Amy Kenyon
I joined the gym & met Rumer in January!
I was very unhappy and overweight having piled 2 stone on over the last 12 months. ...
Rumer showed me that your dieting / fad diets weren't the way forward and instead a lifestyle change was. I now Love the gym! - especially weight training - deadlifts, squats etc, which I would have never dreamed of doing before.
I still have a way to go but that 2 stone is back off! - and I am so much happier and more comfortable in myself.
I would definitely recommend personal training. There's so many things I've learnt about myself and my training and it really has been a lifestyle change.
I couldn't of done it without a Rumer
Liz Fleming
I just wanted to say how glad I am that I made the decision to Join Lifestyle Fitness. It was a rash decision made in December before the club opened (and with the prior knowledge that I had joined gyms before with little success). Now, with only 4.5 months' training under my belt, I am 1.5 stones lighter and am already twice as fit...actually probably more! I visit 6 times a week - and I am a 42 year old who 'didn't like gyms' previously. The main difference for me is finding an amazing personal trainer, Rumer Morley. The encouragement, dedication, vitality, knowledge and zest for life that she has is amazing and truly infectious. She makes each session count, always prepares what she wants me to achieve and focuses 100% throughout each session. I actually look forward to our session at 7am on Tuesday morning (which is a bit bizarre as she really does work me hard!!). I push myself more because I want her to see my progress. I suppose that is the secret of a good coach, the ability to lead and inspire. I would, and do, recommend her to anyone. I also love the gym itself. All the team are happy and friendly and the environment is not intimidating in the slightest. There is a diverse range of equipment which is almost as diverse as the client base - old, young, super-fit and those of us striving to be the best we can be, all getting along just fine side-by-side. So, thank-you for creating this environment which is making a difference to so many people. Today I realised that, although I love the external results I am seeing, its the inside changes that are the more impressive; I am happier, more motivated and am enjoying the challenge
Linda Walby
Although i've only known Rumer for a short while, in this time she has pushed me to my limits and given me amazing results. I had never ever stepped foot in a gym before deciding to take up Personal Training sessions. I lost 6lbs in my initial week on Rumer's detox diet plan followed by more weight loss there after with the nutritional guidance and advice. Now i'm happy with my weight, Rumer has helped me maintain whilst increasing my strength and lean muscle mass. I would recommend her to anybody. Her motivation is amazing and she never fails to keep you going even when your having a bad day
Sophie Withnell
I joined the gym in Jan 2014 and shortly started some personal training sessions with Rumer. I started training and soon saw how my body toned and i lost weight following my training program. Rumer is always on hand to answer any questions i have for either diet or gym. Thoroughly recommende
Janine Pollard
I joined Rumer for her 28 day challenge. She was very supportive throughout, giving the group hints and tips on exercise and food and encouraging the group to support one another. I have learned so much about what food to eat and how to eat the right foods. Prior to the challenge i had several digestive issues and struggled with frequent stomach pains and discomfort. From just a week in I felt so much better and could see a change in my size and shape. I will continue to eat in this Way, this is not a quick diet, it's a way if life. I feel healthier, happier and have so much more energy. Big thanks to Rumer and the 28 day challenge group
Kayleigh Marie
Just finished the 28 day challenge - 11.5lbs lighter, 12.5inches down and in the best shape I have ever been! Loved every minute of it, completely revolutionised my eating habits and set me on the right path for a healthier lifestyle. I am actually in shock at how little I knew about diet and nutrition at all! The group session has got to be one of the best parts of the challenge, everybody is really encouraging and it's an all round brilliant group to be a part of! Can't thank Rumer and the gang enough and already can't wait for round 2
Sophie Penswick
I have struggled with my weight for years, tried all the fad diets but never been able to sustain any substantial weight lost. Well that was until I enrolled on Rumer Morley's 4 week challenge. It completely changed the way I looked at the food I eat. I could honestly eat as much food as I needed and the training sessions although tough was very enjoyable. I got such a buzz from seeing the weight and inches disappear week on week. Best decision I have ever made its life changing!
Gill Henderson
I needed to change! felt miserable , fat and totally unmotivated. I kept seeing several news feeds on my Facebook 'Rumer Morley’s 28 Day Challenge' curiosity got the better of me and after receiving information directly from Rumer I signed up for Aprils 28 Day Challenge, best decision I have made this year!! With my meal and fitness plan at hand for the first time ever I gave thought to everything I was eating & drinking and with access to a shared forum where a bad day can be totally turned around by other people going through the same thing as you . This actually encourages you to push yourself further, by sharing your progress inspires you and others and promotes an environment which I found nurturing, inclusive, goal-orientated and best of all FUN. I was so impressed with my results I did the challenge again in June !!! 17 lb lighter , 17 inches of fat melted away !! I have met some fantastic people from the challenges which has led to fun nights out, weekly meet ups to do 5k runs or sweating it out at one of Rumer’s weekly PT group sessions. I needed change and it was a challenge I won’t deny it but you get results !! To anyone who is looking to get in better shape and improve their health. I recommend Rumer she leads by example and is a great role model !!
Mandy Lord
Thank you so much to Rumer for having me on her 28 day challenge !! I would definitely recommend it to anyone that is thinking of taking part. I have always struggled with really bad eating habits, I would previously have a can of pop for breakfast instead of a proper meal. After I came back from holiday and put on nearly a stone I decided it was time to loose a bit of my fat, my weight wasn't a massive issue to me but I hid it all on my belly which really got to me. Within the 28days I have lost 8lb and a whole 10 inches, I can see a massive difference around my stomach it is so much flatter and a lot less bloated. I feel so much more confident and my eating habits have finally changed !! I'll definitely be back for another round in the new year.
Nicole Gill